About Us

We connect the dots of a new mobility revolution

Our cities are getting bigger and more complex. More and more people are living in the center and moving from one place to another. That's why we need forward-looking and sustainable infrastructure and transport solutions that enable us to move efficiently. As a global leader in intelligent traffic solutions, we develop innovative mobility concepts for cities, highway authorities and mobility providers that connect the dots of a new mobility revolution.

With digital technologies and intelligent traffic systems

Traffic management systems, simulation, tunnel management, AI-powered digital solutions, infrastructure for autonomous driving - our products for efficient mobility ecosystems use digitalization to transform our cities into places where people can live, work, and move more freely. The result: better quality of life, a reduction in CO2 and NOx emissions, fewer accidents, and cleaner air.

That transform cities all over the world

We operate in 24 countries around the world and make infrastructure permanently environmentally friendly and efficient with cutting-edge digital technology in hundreds of cities. Our smart mobility solutions are currently deployed in major cities around the world, including Dubai, London, Berlin, Bogota, and Miami. We are currently the only provider able to meet all major regional standards in the European Union, UK, Asia-Pacific and the Americas.

Founded in 2002

Formerly operating as Siemens ITS, Yunex Traffic has been an independent company since 2021.

110+ patent

make their roads green, safe and sustainable with our intelligent traffic solutions.

40+ researchers

from 58 nations work in our 24 offices all over the world.