Intelligent Parking Enforcement System

RexWatch PES

Parking Enforcement System

Efficient Parking Enforcement Solution that enables operators to "Assess in real-time" the condition of multiple enforcement cameras operation, quickly intervene in the enforcement process.


Features & Advantages

Enforcement using Flags

Indicate enforcement situation by expressing flags at each stage of parking enforcement

Apply camera image calibration technology

Convenient image calibration between detection camera and enforcement camera

Real-time monitoring

Simultaneous monitoring of all camera images of up to 16 sites and intensive monitoring of specific sites

Various condition search and statistics functions

Provide various condition search including site, time, and enforcement classification and statistical data

Default and criminal vehicle DB interlink functiongs

Interlink between plate reading data from primary and secondary images and default and criminal vehicle DB

Surveillance (Anti-Crime) Function

Simultaneous use of parking enforcement and Anti-crime through tour function besides vehicle detection time

Parking enforcement alert service

Secure the reliability of administration through enforcement by using SMS to guide the vehicle movement through mobile to facilitate legal parking

Perfect network security

Resolve the network security issues of vehicle inquiry through network separation unit