Intelligent Image Detection System

RexWatch City

Intelligent image monitoring system to detect failure occurrence of on-site CCTVs and surrounding
equipment and automatically recover.

Real-time video backup with TDR(Trouble Detection & Recovery System) when a network failure occurs.


Features & Advantages

Intelligent Image Monitoring

Track key objects such as people and vehicles and  save multiple images per event

Area Monitoring

Provide immediate notification in the event of an intrusion or abnormal behavior in areas where control is required,  such as main intersections and main security zones

Surveillance(Anticrime), Illegal Parking enforcement

Record events and perform warning announcement when illegal parking in unauthorized areas for a certain time

System Monitoring and Automatic Recovery

Real-time condition monitoring of cameras, networks,  emergency bells, and enclosures, and automatic recovery from troubles

Remote control of cameras and  surrounding equipment

System maintenance cost reduction by real-time remote control

Provide and analyze fault information

Provide image backup and download from TDR if if image can’t be saved  due to equipment/network failure

Quick Image Backups

Provide image backup and download from TDR if image can’t be saved  due to equipment /network failure

SPD Alternative Filming

TDR is able to detect main camera failure and to direct rotary camera  to take over in the target area