RexGen Introduction

Rexgen Co., Ltd has image processing technologies such as image processing algorithms,

cloud service platforms, solution technologies based on loT, and cognitive computing solutions.

Rexgen History

Technology Development Credibility


• Won the Prime Minister's award for Venture Companies

• Won the Public Procurement Service’s Presidential Award

• Won the Award for innovative applications of new technologies from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy

Small business Certification and Construction Capacity

• Technology Innovation Small Business (INNO-BIZ) Certification

• Among the total 8,982 companies in the nation, 37th by the Construction Capacity / Evaluation for Information Communication Contractors

• Direct Production : CCTV(Closed Circuit Television) System Data processing work (Software Development)

Certification of Procurement Excellence Product

• Intelligent Parking Enforcement System

• Automatic Number Plate Recognition with intelligent performance management

• Deflection and waving resistant multi-purpose pole

Intellectual Property Rights

• About 90 Patents including Smart Traffic Management System

• 55 Design Patents including the registered trademark